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3D Printed Architectural Models by The 3D Printers

on November 22, 2021
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The benefits of using 3D printing for architecture.

With the advent of 3D printing technology, we are now 3D printing architectural models that are more accurate and precise than ever before. This is especially beneficial for projects that require a high level of detail, such as architectural models.

Architects and engineers can use 3D printing to create models of buildings before they are even built. This way, they can ensure that the structure is properly designed and configured.

3D printing also has other applications in the field of architecture. For example, it can be used to create replicas of ancient monuments or sculptures. This allows scholars and historians to study them in greater detail than ever before.

3D printing technology can create models in a variety of materials, from plastics to metals. This means that architects and engineers can create models of buildings and other structures in a variety of materials, allowing for more accurate and precise designs.

3D printing can create models in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it an ideal tool for architects and designers. Models created with 3D printing can be used to create renderings or prototypes of architectural designs, which can then be tested in the real world. Making them ideal for use in architecture and engineering.

It’s really exciting to be developing 3D printing services to include architectural designs. It offers architects new ways to showcase their designs with higher detail and at a lower cost.

The Main Benefits of 3D Printing for Architects

There are many advantages to 3D printing architectural models –

  • Traditional techniques take a long time, where 3D printed architectural models are quicker and less labour intensive.
  • The costs of 3D printing an architectural model are generally far lower than a traditional hand built model.
  • The detail accuracy is very high, giving clients a genuine feel for how their finished project will be. 
  • 3D printed designs enable the architect’s client to really get a sense of the space they will experience with the final build. 
  • It also gives the flexibility to change parts of the design before large costs on site are incurred.

Our 3D printing service for Architectural models

Using an architect’s 3D drawing we are able to produce a 3D printable file, which gets sliced up and printed in minuscule layers to create complex designs with varying scales achievable. 

Every project is completely bespoke to our clients. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your needs with us.

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