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3D Printing Services

London and Kent

3D Printing Services

London and Kent

About 3D printing – creating 3D models for over 10 years

The 3D Printers is a family-run business. We’ve been helping our clients by creating 3D models and prototypes, and manufacturing 3D printed products, for over 10 years, and pride ourselves on our friendly approach and excellent customer service.

About 3d printing

It started with the movies


17 years ago, company founder Darren Howton broke into the film industry with a one-off lighting project for a movie studio. He was soon in demand, and as his career in the movies developed, he introduced 3D Printed film props to his portfolio. 

His reputation as a prop maker spread, and he was soon a regular film prop manufacturer for major movie studios and franchises, including Disney Studios. 

15 years later we are still busy producing high-quality, bespoke movie props and costume pieces day-in, day-out – everything from small pieces to hero props. You’ll have seen our 3D-printed film props in many major films, as we’ve brought designers’ ideas to life to create iconic pieces from Stormtrooper helmets to spaceship parts to fairy-tale carriages. Sadly, the movie industry is shrouded in secrecy, so we’re bound by NDAs and unable to showcase most of our projects. 

But you can find out more, and see the list of films we’ve created pieces for at our sister company Filmtronics.

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“3D printing is having a wonderful impact on the world of manufacturing. Creations are now possible within hours rather than months. At The 3D Printers we are producing incredible things every day across so many industries. From   important medical developments to a simple latch component that is no longer in production. It’s a thrill to work on something different every day, providing solutions to problems…fast.”

Darren Howton


3D printing for industry


We quickly realised that our skills and services could help other sectors, too. Our clients rely on us for far more than simply 3D printing an item, though.

We can take our clients’ product ideas from a sketch on the back of a napkin, and develop them through consultation, engineering, design and prototyping to manufacture.

Or we can take plans and drawings and develop them into accurate, detailed 3D scale-models, to help architects and designers show clients how their ideas will look in real-life, and smooth the path to realising them at full-scale.

film TV

Giving back – masks for the NHS


When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, we were honoured to be able to help our amazing NHS frontline staff. 

With our 3D printing expertise and access to rapid 3D printing, we turned our attention to producing PPE for NHS staff in the front-line. We set up a production line at home, and, with generous support from friends, family and clients who donated funds to support the project costs, we got started.

Over several lockdown months, we produced 1000s of face shields, to help protect our brave doctors and nurses in hospitals around Kent, London and the South East. 

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We ship worldwide

Bespoke 3D printing services for every client 

Drop us a message with your details and attach any .stl files you have. We'll be intouch ASAP.

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