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3D printing architecture – 3D printed architectural models

Our 3D architectural models make it easier to visualise your architectural designs and communicate to your clients how they will look in real life.

Capture your clients’ imagination

With expert knowledge, high-quality products and seamless service, we will create precise scaled 3D replicas of your proposals – anything from a simple kitchen extension or conservatory to a complete residential or commercial development. Visualising your project in 3D helps your clients to understand your concepts, making it easier for you to get sign-off for your ideas.

We have over 15 years’ experience in creating 3D models from simple design suggestions to hyper-realistic detail, working in industries including the exacting movie industry, where we have created and printed hundreds of models for major films.

Using 3D printing as well as more traditional methods we are able to create a range of models to meet your and your clients’ needs.

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The benefits of a 3D printed architecture model


With the advent of 3D printing technology, we can now create models that are more accurate and precise than ever before. This is especially beneficial for projects that require a high level of detail.

Architects and engineers can use our 3D printed models to see buildings before they are even built. Allowing designs to be altered before the build takes place.

3D printing also has other applications in the field of architecture. For example, it can be used to create replicas of ancient monuments or sculptures. This allows scholars and historians to study them in greater detail than ever before.


Better value than traditional architectural models

There are a few factors that can affect the price of 3D printing architectural models. The size and complexity of the model, the type of material used to create it, and the time needed to produce it all play a role. However, overall we find that 3D Printing architectural models is around 30-40% cheaper than more traditional methods. 

A great variety of materials

We can create models in a variety of materials, from plastics to metals. This means that architects and engineers can create models of buildings and other structures in many materials, allowing for more accurate and precise designs.


Bespoke shapes and sizes

We can create models in a variety of shapes and sizes, from single buildings through to complete site plans. Models created with 3D printing can be used to create renderings or prototypes of architectural designs, which can then be tested in the real world.


Express service

Architects have long used 3D models to visualize their designs, but 3D printing can speed up the design process by creating a physical model of the design that can be inspected and modified quickly. We are able to produce models as quickly as 7 days (depending  on drawings supplied and scale)


Extremely realistic detail

Our models produce realistic detail that is near impossible to achieve with traditional methods such as drawing or carving. Giving the client an incredibly realistic feel of how the completed build will look.

Planning tools

Architectural models are often used as planning tools to help architects and engineers visualize the design of a building or structure. Many of our clients use their models for crucial planning meetings with councils and communities.  Our service can be used to create models of complete buildings or even entire sites, which can be useful for studying urban planning or designing new neighborhoods.



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