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Design and Manufacturing Consultancy  – Design and Prototyping Service

Darren Howton, our company Director, has vast experience in design and production. He offers a consultancy and prototyping service to clients wishing to explore their ideas before committing to design and/or manufacturing.

We are able to advise on the best design and process for each specific project. This is an ideal opportunity to hone your prototype or product design before committing to manufacturing

We are able to help with – 

✅ Design options and ideas – You may have an idea but are not sure exactly what that looks like in real life. We can help you create a fully working design.

✅ Manufacturing options and estimate of costs associated – Whether that’s 3D printing or a more traditional method, such as injection moulding.

✅ The best material for the job – with so many available options, it’s vital that you choose the perfect material. We have a vast knowledge of available materials, their properties and uses.

We can save you hours of time in research when you use our consultancy service. Your consultation will be summarised and emailed to you, complete with Darren’s suggestions for your project.

Consultations start from £150

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“Darren spent a considerable amount of time on the phone exploring my idea. Later that evening I sent him a “Pictionary” style mock-up and within 24 hours had a CAD design sitting on my desktop. Within 72 hours of that, I had the prototype in my hand”

Mr D Smith 

Prototyping Service

Using 3D printing to prototype comes with many benefits – the two main ones being cost and speed!

We have saved our clients thousands in prototype production costs. Traditionally prototypes are created by handbuilding. A very costly and time-consuming process. Changes to the design often mean starting over, and with high costs, that’s not always an option.  

3D printing manufacturing is perfect for rapid prototyping, it’s faster and cheaper. If changes are needed it’s simply the cost of changing a drawing and reprinting. This could start from just £75 rather than £1000’s using the traditional methods. 

The process we offer also saves time, and money! From your initial consultation through to a tangible 3D print in your hand, it could be as little as 3 working days.

Mini Manufacturing 

Manufacturing using 3D printing technology saves our clients £1000’s in tooling costs as well as months in manufacturing time. 

 We are able to offer you a fast, effective process to perfect your product design. Creating one prototype at a time enables us to produce items extremely accurately as well as with a high-quality finish.

If you simply require small runs of manufacturing we can produce any amount of items from just 10 into the 1000’s. 

Why Choose The 3D Printers



Experienced Designers

We have been producing exceptional 3D designs and prints for over 15 years.


Professional & Friendly Staff

As a family run business we take huge pride in our services. From the first interaction to the final product.


On Call 24/7

We are available around the clock for all your 3D printing needs.


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We offer an express turnaround to ensure we get your print to you as fast as we possibly can.


Personal Service

We are extremely passionate about our customer service. From the moment you contact us you will be looked after!


Extensive 3D print service experience

We've been designing and creating for over 15 years. Originally specialising in Movie props, creating high quality items is in our DNA.



We ship worldwide

Bespoke 3D printing services for every client 

Drop us a message with your details and attach any .stl files you have. We'll be intouch ASAP.

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