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What Is The Price Of 3D Printing?

on April 20, 2022

The price of 3D printing varies greatly depending on the type of 3D printer and the materials used.  

The price of 3D printing

When quoting for a 3D printed piece we have various factors to consider:

Drawing time – to create a 3D printable file

Some clients come to us with a complete drawing that is ready to send to the printer – but this is rare. A drawing has to be in a format the 3D printers recognise. This is typically an STL file. More often than not we prepare these drawings. They can take time and can be a large proportion of the cost of a 3D Printed project. 

3D Printing Process Used

The type of 3D printer used will affect the price. The most common types are Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Laser Sintering (Laser). FDM printers use a heated bed to melt the plastic and then layer it on top of each other. Laser Sintering is similar, but the laser melts the plastic layer by layer. The final product is almost always more solid, but more expensive. It’s essential that the right process is used for each 3D print we create. It’s best to chat about your project with us so we can recommend the best method for you.

3D Printer Machinery costs

We have many different machines at The 3D Printers. We are able to provide a wonderful range of technology from resin printers through to Lazer sintering machines. These all come at a huge cost to us and of course we have to factor these costs into our pricing. We always try to keep these costs to a minimum. 

3D Printing Material used

We offer many different materials, so what you choose affects the price of 3D printing your product. We are able to offer standard filaments, resin and even metal.  The cost of the material affects the price, if you’re on a tight budget then we can accommodate an affordable material, but it’s worth remembering it may not be the most appropriate material for the job. Items that are left in direct sunlight would be better made in polycarbonate or petg, which is around 25% more expensive when compared to the standard filament. Resin gives a stunningly smooth finish but is considerably moree expensive than filament. 

Quantities of 3D Prints required

Running the machines is an expensive business. The price of 3D printing is always considerably reduced when making multiple items. EG: we may charge £75 for a single item but 100 may be £200.

Finish required for the 3D Print

Most of our clients require their 3D printed products just as they are. However, occasionally a special effect, paint finish or even polishing is required. We are even able to metal coat a plastic print. The possibilities are endless and so are the costs of this part of a project. 


Our team are highly skilled in their field. The price of 3D printing (like any service) is also dependent on the expertise that our team have. We have many years of experience creating props for the movie industry, prototypes as well as 1000’s of other unique 3D printed pieces. 1000’s of hours have gone into perfecting our skill set to create the ultimate 3D Prints. 

So what is the price of 3D printing? 

As you can see there are many factors to consider. Our prices start from £75 as a minimum order. We always aim to be competitive while providing the best 3D Printing service possible. We pride ourselves on our customer service and product quality. We are always happy to chat through your ideas and our friendly, helpful team is waiting to assist you.  Contact us today

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