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Rapid prototyping with 3D Printing – An Injection Molding Alternative

on February 23, 2022
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Prototyping using 3D printer technology

3D Printing is an ideal solution for creating prototypes

Rapid Prototyping that costs less.

We are able to give normal people the ability to explore their ideas without spending £1000’s. Tradionally methods such as Injection molding have made it impossibly expensive for ideas to come to life. 3D Printing offers an afforable, rapid alternative! Let’s face it, we’ve all got an idea tucked away in the back of our mind. Many people are often prohibited by the sheer cost and complexities of creating a product from something that’s swimming about in their minds. We work with people every day to unlock their ideas and truly bring them to life. Just last week we had a great guy come in, when presented with his ‘idea’ in his hand he burst into tears! It was rather moving to see his reaction, and extremely humbling. 

The reason 3D printing is so effective for prototyping is that you don’t need to produce a mould to create your product. We take a sketch from you and turn it into a 3D drawing. Once you’re happy with the design we 3D Print it. Once you’ve got over seeing your item in ‘real life’ you’re ready to either make changes to the designs or go to production. Depending on what the product is, it can even be printed for production. With 100’s of materials available we can 3D Print in anything from plant-based eco-friendly plastics through to engineering grade plastic, metals and wood composite. The sky is the limit!

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We have a huge range of materials to choose from.

What is prototyping?

Prototyping is the process of designing and creating a prototype of a product or service. Prototypes can be used to test the design, functionality, and performance of a product or service. Prototyping can also help you find potential problems with your product or service before you launch it to the public. Traditionally prototyping is done via Injection molding – a hugely expensive process. 3D Printing is the ideal injection molding alternative.

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a technology that can be used to create physical objects from digital models. 3D printers use a process called stereolithography to print objects out of plastic. 3D printing is becoming more and more common, as it is a fast, cost-effective way to create prototypes and products.

Using 3D printing as a prototyping method

Using 3D printing to prototype means you also cut down costs dramatically. While every project is different, we have saved our clients thousands in prototype production costs. The process we offer also saves time, and we all know how valuable that is! From your initial consultation through to a tangible 3D print in your hand, it could be as little as 5 working days. 3D printing manufacturing is perfect for rapid prototyping, it’s faster and cheaper.

Darren (our chief engineer) is an absolute whizz at prototyping and offers a consultation to explore your ideas from concept through to completion. We are always happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with clients to protect their ideas and pride ourselves on a very professional yet friendly service. We also work with a specialist company who are able to advise on bringing products to market. 

There are a few ways that 3D printing can be used in prototyping. The most common way is to print out a model of the product or system. This model can then be used to test how it works and to improve its design. Another way is to print out parts of the product or system. This can be used to test how the parts work together and to improve their design. Finally, 3D printing can also be used to create prototypes that are entirely made out of plastic. This type of prototype can be used to test how the plastic behaves and to improve its design.

We really enjoy working with inventors to create prototypes! There is nothing better than seeing a client’s face when they are presented with their ideas. Darren has a special talent for understanding people’s ideas, having created products from doodles on the back of a napkin through to advanced technical drawings. We really do bring your imagination to life!

If we can help you with your project, then please get in touch for a chat. 

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