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The National Startup Awards – The 3D Printers Are Shortlisted!

on April 25, 2022

We are thrilled to be shortlisted for the National Startup Awards!  

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The 3d printers are owned and run by the husband and wife team, Darren and Jo Howton. During the 1st lockdown, they volunteered to make 20 face shields for a doctor friend… which quickly grew into 1000s. When the lockdown was lifted Darren returned to his day job making props in the movie industry. Staying away from his family all week was tougher than ever. Like for many, the pandemic had shown the Howton family a different way of life. 

How we became The 3D Printers

They wanted to be together and have used their experience to set up The 3D Printers. Just six months into trading they are creating hero props for blockbuster movies, Architectural models and even prototypes for some amazing new inventions. They are excited about the future and sharing the amazing power of 3D printing with the world.

Jo and Darren are passionate about The 3D Printers

“Our attention to detail and customer service are our top priorities at The 3D Printers. All our clients have to be 100% happy! We are often humbled by the gratitude our clients show for our service. They are really moved when they see their ideas come to life. Darren is often referred to as a ‘genius’ – with multiple clients commenting on his talent for ‘solving design obstacles’.

The level of detail we get into our models of all kinds is extremely high, with clients shocked such detail is achievable. Many 3D printer companies offer great products but we know that by combining 3D Printer technology, our knowledge of its technological capabilities and our service ethos we feel immensely proud of the business we have created at The 3D Printers.” Jo Howton – Owner

The futrue 

“We have a dream to bring high quality, excellent service to the 3D printing industry. We are excited to be at the forefront of this amazing technology. We have many ambitions to not only grow our business but also to help others who could benefit from the incredible technology we have. On a personal level, you can’t beat the joyous feeling of helping people in need. We witnessed this first hand during our voluntary pandemic project, creating Covid face shields.

We would love to help amputees enjoy everyday life better with 3D printed prosthetics. Jo and I share a dreamto start a charity that would fund bespoke prosthetics for those most in need. I have already come up with a design that will grow with the child, giving them comfort and confidece. Asthetically the options are endless, imagine having a ‘Spiderman’ arm or a ballet design on your leg. I’m looking forward to getting into this project further.

We look forward to growing our services across all industries. From hard to find car parts, through to manufacturing items for large organisations. We want to help everyday people bring ideas and inventions to life. We want to listen, learn and develop with them to create a tangible product for them to bring to production. We will continue to work with all industries to design and create products, parts and prototypes smoothly and fast.” Darren – Owner

It means the world to have been shortlisted for the National Startup Awards

We are absolutely delighted to have been shortlisted for the National Startup Awards, It’s a real accolade! We are humbled to have been chosen amongst so many great businesses. We have our tickets booked for the finals so fingers and toes crossed we can win it! We will be attending the finals in Surrey later in the year. We look forward to updating you on the evening’s events.

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