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Our Parent Company Inventex Achieves EcoVardis Gold Certification

on June 4, 2024

EcoVardis operates as a beacon in global business sustainability ratings, assessing companies through a comprehensive methodology that covers four core themes: Environment, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. This certification is highly regarded and is often used to enhance company ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting and showcase commitment to sustainability. For companies like Inventex, achieving this certification is not just an accolade but an acknowledgment of our serious commitment to being at the forefront of sustainable business practices.

EcoVardis evaluates companies across 21 sustainability criteria integrated into the four core themes. Inventex underwent a rigorous evaluation process to meet these standards, reflecting our dedication to sustainability at every operational level. We are proud to announce that our efforts have been recognized with a high rating, affirming our strong performance, particularly in Environmental impact and Ethics.

Our sustainability journey has been marked by strategic initiatives to reduce environmental impact and enhance corporate responsibility. Key projects have included:

  • Reducing Carbon Footprint: Implementing energy-efficient systems and transitioning to renewable energy sources in our manufacturing processes. 
  • Reducing Carbon footprint: upgrading all printers to more eco-conscious models consequently slashing energy consumption.
    Waste Management: Enhancing recycling processes and reducing waste production through innovative product designs.
  • Ethical Supply Chain: Strengthening supplier audits and ensuring compliance with fair labour practices.

“Our EcoVardis Gold certification is a testament to the hard work and dedication of every team member at Inventex. It reflects our collective commitment to not only meet but exceed global standards for sustainability,” said Jo Howton, CEO of Inventex. Jo Howton, CEO added, “This certification is just the beginning. It challenges us to push further, innovate more, and continue setting benchmarks in sustainable business practices.”

The EcoVardis certification is not merely a badge of honour but a continuous journey towards improvement and excellence in sustainability. At Inventex, we are committed to building on this achievement further to integrate sustainable practices into every facet of our operations. We look forward to continuing our work to protect the environment and ensure a better future for all stakeholders.

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